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Talán utoljára a Párizsi donorkonferenciáról

Még harmadszor is írok az párizsi donorkonferenciáról. Van egy német weboldal. Háromnyelvű és elég jó dolgok vannak rajta, sok minden német szerzőktől. Nekem újdonságok voltak még ezek a Párizsból.
In contrast to earlier donor conferences, the Paris agenda was not focused solely on money and financial aid, but also on another valuable resource: trust.

Az afgánok úgy érzik, hogy nem kérdezik meg őket továbbra sem, hogy mire szeretnék költeni a pénzüket.

But the argument of many donor countries that they only want to entrust a small portion of their aid to the Afghan government out of fear of corruption is not particularly convincing.

Ennek a gondolatmenetnek az érdekes visszafordítása:

"If only 25 percent of the funds are managed by the Karsai government," asks an international observer, "where does the corruption come from?"


Majd a már előbb felvetett donor elszámoltathatóságról.
At the same time, his government has pledged to clean up its own act. Immediately after his return to Kabul, Karsai announced the formation of a special anti-corruption unit. According to surveys, public trust in a number of ministries involved in allocating aid is at its lowest point ever.

If Karsai has his way, the new five-year plan should make Afghanistan's agriculture self-sufficient in grain production by 2013. Even more: the plan aims to transform Afghanistan into an export nation. Critics consider this target, which is not contained in the final declaration, as ambitious as it is unrealistic.

Akkor meg kell keressem valahol a final declarationt.

Mi még prioritás:
In the energy sector, also given priority in the Paris declaration, the prospects look brighter. Afghanistan has reserves of oil, gas, coal and water, which are far from exhausted, Karsai pointed out in Paris. International experts see that the same way.

The aim here is to make these resources accessible to Afghan consumers in a precise and efficient effort. Another key topic is education, which Paris has rightly highlighted. To date, many qualified school-leavers are unable to study in Afghanistan.

It is still impossible to complete a Master's degree inside the country. And many of the new schools do not have enough teachers.

Hol a deklaráció tehát? Declaration of the International Conference in Support of

Itt a konferencia hivatalos weboldala.

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