hétfő, február 18, 2008

Baglani kormányzó-helyettes halála

Afghan deputy provincial governor dies in road accident

Nem jutottunk vele messzire, Mazar környékén járhatott, ott érte autóbaleset Sheikh Daulat-ot. Én igazából - bár logikus feltételezésnek tűnne - azt sem tudtam, hogy van kormányzó helyettes. Kiváncsi lennék, hogy őket is úgy váltogatták, mint a kormányzókat?

Deputy governor of Afghanistan's northern Baghlan province was killed in a road accident Sunday morning, a press release of Interior Ministry said.

Sheikh Daulat was on his way to Balkh province when his vehicle collided with a vehicle coming form opposite site and was killed on the spot, it added.

One of Daulat's bodyguards who sustained injuries in the incident later also succumbed to his wounds at a nearby hospital, the ministry further said.

It did not say what exactly caused the accident but many roads in the northern provinces were in bad conditions due to persistent cold snap and snowfall over the past six weeks.

Source: Xinhua

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