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Media Release

Kabul , Afghanistan

1 February 2011
AIJA condemns the Attack on Local Station in Afghanistan

The Afghan Independent Journalists Association (AIJA) condemns the attack and looting of equipment from local station of Radio Payam in the Northern Province of Baghlan.

According to the information obtained by the AIJA, seven unidentified gunmen attacked the station in early Monday 31 January, 2011 and stole at least USD 30.000 worth of equipment. They forcefully entered the radio station and took away radio transmitter and other equipments.

Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for this attack; however, Taliban officials and Hezb-e-Isalami armed groups denied their involvement in the attack.

"It's a matter of shame that police have a check point in nearby 500 meter but still the station become under attack.” Rahimullah Samander AIJA President Said.

AIJA condemns the attack and call on provincial governor and security officials to bring those responsible for the attack in to account and provide adequate security to staff of Radio Payam, that they can continue their job without any fear.

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