csütörtök, december 23, 2010

Továbbra is hiány NATO kiképzőkből Afganisztánban

Egyelőre az erőfeszítések nem minden területen hoznak eredményt. A nagy hangsúlyt kapott kiképzéshez egyelőre nincs elég kiképző a NTM-A jelentése szerint: NATO member countries have so far pledged to fill just half of the 819 “critical” trainer slots that need to be filled if Afghanistan is to begin to assume responsibility next year for its own security... NATO has set a goal of deploying 2,800 multinational trainers working with the Afghan army and police by March of 2012. Included in that number are the “priority” trainers – including air force instructors, military doctors, counterinsurgency specialists and signal school teachers...

Much of the training was in the hands of the private American contractors DynCorp and Xe Services, which was formerly known as Blackwater. Their contracts are set to end in March, although the NATO officer said private contractors could be a temporary “bridging” option if delays persist. The bulk of the training of Afghan forces is still provided by those contractors, which have about 2,000 trainers working in the country. In contrast, there are 1,200 trainers from coalition military and police forces.

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